Privacy Policy

The Flank Esports Privacy Policy was updated on 2019-03-11.


Please read our Privacy Policy cautiously as it explains our finding, gathering, use, processing, retention, storage and preservation of your private data. This policy implements to every service or website referencing this notice. When you give us your private data in any of the ways which was explained in part 2 below, you accept we can gather, store, process and use it (1) to execute our obligations arising from the contract, (2) based on our legal interest in order to process (i.e. for internal administrative objectives or for the finding or avoiding of offense) or (3) based on your consent, which can be withdrawn whenever you want, as explained in this Policy below.


Our Privacy Notice shall implement to any product or service selling or offering under the brand and trademark Flank Esports and is owned and operated by Flank Espor Dijital Reklamcılık ve Yatırım Anonim Şirketi, a company registered in accordance with Turkish Law, having company registration number 97523/5 in İstanbul Trade Registry Office and registered address at Mecidiyeköy Mah. Atakan Sk. Berkan İş Hanı Apt. No: 4/23 Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey.


To the scope permissible under the law to be applied, we gather your data and any other party whose details you provide to us when you;

  1. communicate with us offline, for instance by email, telephone or post,
  2. fill website forms,
  3. join any competitions or raffles,
  4. join in any other interactive areas appearing on our website,
  5. communicate with us by using medium,

In addition, we gather data from your devices (including mobile devices through Flank Esports Android and IOS Applications) and browsers which are used for access and use any of our services or websites We can increase the private data that we gather from you with information we get from third person, entitled to share that information; for instance, data from data management institutions or platforms, but in any ways it ought to be permitted by laws to be applied. Providing that you want to provide us private data about another person, you are liable to ensure that you do not breach any obligation or consent obligations under the data protections laws in force. Until now, as required by the laws in force, protecting the personal data, you have to ensure that you get related person’s explicit consent in advance to do so and that you must tell them how we gather, use, process, disclose, retain and store their private data or direct them to read Flank Esports Privacy Notice.


To the scope permissible under the law to be applied, we use your data to;

  1. provide services or information requested or services ordered by you ordinarily send emails like Flank Esports news, updates,
  2. check the information for correctness and to confirm it by using third parties,
  3. supply, provide, maintain, preserve and develop any products, services and information requested by you,
  4. individualize your experience (your information will help us solve your individual needs),
  5. improve our website (our staff tries to develop our website and Android and IOS application offerings according to the information and feedback that we get from you),
  6. improve customer service (your information helps us to more effectively respond to your customer service requests and support needs),
  7. provide services or data requested or services ordered by you,
  8. manage and direct your use of products and services,
  9. manage our relationship with you (for example, customer services and support activities),
  10. monitor, measure, improve and protect our content, website, and services and provide an enhanced, personal, user experience for you,
  11. internally test our websites, systems, Android and IOS applications and develop their safety and efficiency. In this case, you can be sure that your used information shall be kept anonymise and secret.
  12. show you with any information that we are required to send you to comply with our regulatory bodies or other legal liabilities,
  13. deliver aimed advertising, marketing or data to you,
  14. contact you to see providing that you want to participate in our customer investigation (for instance, feedback on your use of our any service),
  15. find, avoid, investigate or remediate, crime, illegal or prohibited activities,

Our website, mobile Android and IOS applications and our other services may include technology allowing us to;

  1. get data relating to any technical errors or other issues with our website and services,
  2. collect information about how you and users use the functions of the features of our website and services and
  3. gather statistical information about the operating system and environment from which you access our applications or services.

Furthermore, for the aims listed in the part 3, we are able to also use the data we gather to deliver targeted advertising, marketing or information to you, which can be useful, according to your use of the website or services or another data we gather from you. We will provide below additional details about our method. Our communications with you can be monitored and recorded which contains phone calls and e-mails. Data that Flank gathers, can be used for the purposes of training and quality control.

Data that we collect from your mobile devices

We can get data via Android and IOS applications which installed by you on your mobile devices. Aforesaid applications can be Flank mobile applications or those belonging to third parties. Where the mobile application is belonging to a third party, we recommend you read that third party’s special privacy notice that it will be implemented to your experience of this third party mobile application. We have no liability for these third-party applications and their possible use of your data. Mobile applications may offer us with data as to a user of aforementioned application and use of our applications and all service using that mobile application. We can use this information to provide and develop the mobile application or our own services. For example, activities and movements within an application will be saved, recorded and logged.

This Policy only applies to online transactions

This online privacy policy applies only to data gathered via our website and Android and IOS applications and not to data collected offline.


Flank Esports can share and send the user’s data with;

  1. our service providers and its employees, staff and agents (containing their sub-contractors) or third parties processing data on our name (e.g. internet service providers, advertising offices and data management platforms) as they can support us to share you with the products, services and information that you have wanted or that Flank thinks they are beneficial for you,
  2. Flank’s expert consultants and auditors for seeking professional advice purpose or to handle our independent or internal audit legal liabilities,
  3. any other party in the scope of actual or possible legal and court proceedings, provided we may do it legally (e.g. for a court order),
  4. any other party for the requirements legal and regulatory bodies, with the inclusion of legally or statutory reporting and notifying or the finding and suppression of illegal activities,
  5. Third party organization or institution providing that we sell or purchase any business or company’s assets,
  6. government offices where reporting and notifying are compulsory in the scope of the law to be applied.
  7. business partners, including websites and mobile app platforms, web and data developers and resellers that can support Flank to provide you with the products, services and information you have wanted or that Flank thinks they are beneficial for you,
  8. other parties for marketing purposes (for example, our business partners and other third parties with whom we work and whose products or services we believe it will beneficial for you).


If you are a user of our website, Android or IOS applications or any other services we offer, you have the rights listed below;

  1. the right to be informed what Flank is doing with your personal data and get access to your data,
  2. the right to object and cancel to the using and processing of your data obtained e.g. for direct marketing purposes,
  3. the right to have your information corrected or deleted or put restrictions on processing and using your data,
  4. provided that the processing and using of your data is depended on your approval, the right to withdraw or cancel.

Providing that you want your information’s copy, you can be demanded to pay a reasonable fee. Provided that Flank Esports keeps any incorrect data regarding our user or provided that your data changed, aforesaid user can notify us, so we are able to store our records and data correct and actual. Providing that you withdraw or cancel your approval to the use or processing of your personal data for the aims listed in Flank Esports Privacy Notice, we will not provide you with access to all parts of our websites, Android or IOS applications or other services. Flank will store your personal data as long as it is necessary for our goals and endurance of our relevant business relationship. Moreover, our data storage will be limited with the laws to be applied and relevant regulation.


Flank Esports Privacy Policy can be amended at any time. Nevertheless, we guarantee that the rights of our users shall not have affected unfavorably. We will update this Privacy Notice on our websites and our Android or IOS applications. Therefore, you can always keep yourself up-to-dated- about our policy (the ‘last updated’ reference specifying the date of update, will tell you the last update of this notice).


Your data always can be used or processed to contact you about our products and services we have offered that you can be interested. In addition, Flank may share your data with other companies, platforms and carefully selected third parties so they (or we) may contact you with information about their products or services which we feel may be of interest to you. You are entitled to stop Flank whenever you want from contacting you for marketing purposes, advertisements and other related matters. Furthermore, our users always can demand that we will not share their personal data.


  1. Flank will retain your personal data safe thanks to our precautions and measures for possible illegal or unlawful using or processing. Moreover, these precautions’ aim is preventing possible accidental loss or damage. However, even if we will do our best effort and performance to preserve your kept data, Flank Esports does not guarantee the full safety of your data that we gathered in any way.
  1. If we have possibly provided you (or you have chosen) a password to enter specific parts of our websites, applications or services please keep this password secure – we accept and warrant that we will not share or distribute your password with anyone. Providing that your account has been compromised, please contact us at .


  1. Provided you click a link from our website or Android or IOS applications, which directs to third-party website or service, our privacy notice shall not be implemented. We have no responsibility of data using and processing methods of other websites or services and as Flank Esports, we highly recommend you check third party website’s or services’ privacy notices.
  1. Flank Esports can enable you to share data with medium (social media sites) or use social media sites can be required for you to sign up your membership or to connect your social media account. These social media sites can automatically provide us with access to certain personal information retained by them about you (for example any content you have viewed). You should be able to manage your privacy settings from within your own third party social media account(s) to manage what personal information you enable us to access from that account.


  1. Cookies are small text data (files) transferred from our websites, Android and IOS applications or services and stored on your computer, mobile phones etc. devices. Cookies are used to support us provide you with a more personalized service, and to support make our websites, applications and services more preferable for our users.
  1. Cookies we use, can be session cookies, which are temporary, that identify and track our users within our websites, applications or services which are erased after you close your internet browser or leave your session in the service or persistent cookies which enable our websites, applications or services to “remember” your personal information and to remember your choices and preferences within our websites, applications or services and which will stay on our users’ mobile phones computer or other devices when you close your web browser or leave your session.


Providing that you have any questions about our method of handling your data, the details of our notice, your reserved rights under the laws to be applied to you, how to change and update your records and information, you are always welcome to write to Mecidiyeköy Mah. Atakan Sk. Berkan İş Hanı Apt. No: 4/23 Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey or send an email to .